A techie had a horrendous experience on his way back home when he hailed a random cab and ended up being robbed and 'thrown' away far from home. On Monday night, a group of men who posed as a driver and passengers picked up the 35-year-old techie and robbed and assaulted him, before throwing him away near Jaraganahalli and speeding by. 

Although, the techie tried to fight back initially, he had to eventually give in to their demands and hand over his valuables. Raghunanadan Raju, who is a resident of Vajarahalli got late while completing an office errand and missed the last metro. At around 11:10 pm, he decided to go to Yelachenahalli and find a way to get back home. Speaking to the mirror, he said, "I tried booking a cab online but none was available. But, there were many vehicles, including cabs, passing by, calling out names of places they were heading for. One of them, a Tata Bolt, stopped near the Metro and the driver said he was heading for Raghuvanahalli.”

Raju realised that the 'passengers' were behaving strangely when they reached Konanukunte. They were very inquisitive about his background and personal details. When Raju asked them to mind their own business and asked the driver to stop the car, they locked the car instead and kept on going. Raju further said, "I started screaming for help. They drove to Doddakallasandra, Chunchagatta and back towards Yelachenahalli. I tried to fight them, but they took out a sword and threatened me."

When the vehicle was about to reach a police checkpost, the driver took a U-turn. They then stopped the car at a truck terminus in Jaraganahalli and demanded he handed over the valuables. Raju said, "I gave them a gold chain, bracelet, two rings and cash. They returned my wallet after taking the cash. Then they started driving again, and I shouted at them to let me go as I had given them all I had. They dropped me at on the service road near Delhi Public School."

The gang asked him to run in the opposite direction so that he did not take note of the registration number as the car sped away. Raju eventually took the help of a passerby to book a cab back to Yelachenahalli Metro station. He reached out to the police and sought the CCTV footage of the cab, which is when he was directed to the  KS Layout police station as the incident happened in their jurisdiction. Raju said that the men were between 30 and 35 years and they spoke in Kannada and Telugu. Meanwhile, the cops said, "Two CCTV cameras on the spot had captured the car, but the number was not clear."