The Karnataka government has given its approval to the recommendation of giving separate religion status to Lingayats. Now the Lingayats are awaiting Centre's nod for the same to make it official.

But there has been no response from the Centre, for the same yet. Thus Basavadharma Peetha chief Maate Mahadevi has told that Lingayats will put pressure on PM Modi to give separate religion a nod.

But BJP-led Centre is hesitating as the Lingayats will no longer belong to the Hindu religion if they agree to the same. But if they don't, it might prove costly for BJP in the Assembly elections to be held in Karnataka in May.

The Siddaramaiah government has even issued a circular stating that the Lingayat is a separate religion and will officially be announced so as soon as the Centre signs the document.

However, Maate Mahadevi has not explained how she plans to pressurise PM Modi on the issue, but a serious agitation is expected if the Centre rejects it.