They have 104 and we have 117, BJP will not prove majority: Siddaramaiah

Calling Yeddyurappa's swearing-in unconstitutional and his confidence to prove majority as arrogance, Siddaramaiah said that there is no way BJP can prove the majority. He said that Governor's decision to invite Yeddyurappa to form and administer him the oath was against the judgement of the Supreme Court which says post alliance parties if they can show the majority should be invited to form the government. Nowhere in the history of Indian politics has any Governor given 15 days to prove the majority, he said. Whoever takes the oath should prove the majority within 2 days, he ascertained. Further speaking about the Congress- JD(S) alliance he said we have 78 MLAs and 2 independents with us, and likewise JD(S) too has all the MLAs and our total strength is 117, after leaving out the second seat contested by Kumaraswamy. It is 104 against 117. They can't prove majority and will not pass the floor test. I hope that our prayer will be heard by the court. Answering a query, he said that MLA Anand Singh has gone to Delhi on personal work and Pratap Gowda Patil is in Sindhanur and both will be joining them soon.

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