So what if they don't have shoes. They have the will to win

First Published 13, Oct 2017, 7:27 PM IST
So what if they dont have shoes They have the will to win
  • Government college athletes run barefoot and win medals
  • As per the norms, athletes who cannot afford shoes are restricted from participating. But the norms are relaxed for government colleges
  • The Bangalore University Athletics Meet was held at the Sri Kanteerava stadium

Rising above odds is not just a motivational line for these athletes, but that's the way they live. Yes, some of the athletes from the government colleges who participated in the Bangalore University Athletics Meet did not complain of competing with welloffs in barefoot. Instead, they gave them a run for medals.

Over 30 athletes ran barefoot at the meet and won several medals at the Sree Kanteerava stadium, reports The Times of India.

It is reported that no athlete can compete in the university meet without shoes. But the university relaxes the rules for competitors from rural government colleges, who cannot afford to buy shoes.

Chitra who bagged gold medals in 5,000m, 4x400 m relay and also a bronze medal in 1,500 m race, told The Times of India that "I don't have a proper pair of shoes. That's why I ran wearing only socks." Chitra is a university champion in kho-kho and also has also made the university proud by representing it in the inter-varsity cross-country meet. A student of Government Women's College in Kolar, Chitra has led her team to the podium finish. Seemingly weighed down by the challenges in her life, Chitra wants to become a physical education teacher, despite her superb show at the tracks.

The Kolar government college team that stood champions last year came second after Jyoti Nivas College, this time.

Although the Siddaramaiah government has promised schemes to improve the facilities at the government college, it seldom reaches sportspersons. Sportspersons in rural areas continue to suffer apathy unlike their counterparts in urban areas. But shouldn't their superb performances at the tracks be a reason for the government to do something for them?