The incapability of civic agencies was exposed yet again when it comes to the protection of water bodies as yet another twin lakes in city's outskirts were filled with construction debris and garbage. 

Activists warn that such acts of filling a lake with debris are an attempt to encroach the lake by land sharks. Ajay Kumar, project coordinator, Swacha NGO, and a resident of Varadaraj Nagar, says the Singapura lake falls under the BBMP Byatrayapura limits, and Abbigere lake falls under the Dasarahalli limits. 

"I also have complained to the concerned authorities, and still there is no action. The night time dumping of garbage debris is rampant. We have also caught trucks red handed and protested earlier. But the situation has not improved," said Ajay Kumar.

Each time such incidents are reported, the BBMP clears the debris and promises action. But within weeks, the trucks are back to dumping.Residents say the lake was under the BDA earlier and that authority had fenced the lake area. But the garbage and debris dumping mafia ensured that the fence was removed piece by piece.

"We had requested for security guards for the protection of lakes. But that request is still pending before the BBMP," In the meanwhile, residents and activists are doing their part to protect the lake. Their steps include frequently visiting the lake, stopping vehicles that are seen ferrying garbage and debris and inquiring about where the trucks were headed. However, it seems that civic agencies shun responsibility.

Manjula Lakshmipathi, a resident of Singapura who photographed the debris on the lake, alleged that the dumping of debris was to make a road to connect to certain apartments near the lake.

When the BBMP Lakes Division was asked about these illegal dumping, Jagganath Rao, Deputy Conservator Forest and Lakes,  said, "The dumping was not in the lake. It was in the storm water drain, and it is their (Storm Water Drain Department) responsibility to clear it now," 

When Asianet Newsable contacted Storm Water Drain (SWD) Chief Engineer, Sidde Gowda, he said the BBMP was remodelling SWDs and will fence the SWD to protect them from debris and garbage dumping.

Vidyasagar, CEO, Lake Development Authority, also told Asianet Newsable that the matter had been appraised to him and he had also communicated to the same to the BBMP SWD and Lakes division to ensure the place becomes free from debris and garbage dump.

While all authorities say they have informed each other and some work is happening, no one seems ready to answer - why do such events keep happening?