“If people want to see films of different languages, dub all films into Kannada and release.  Do not release in original languages. This will help Kannada and people will be happy too” said matinee idol Shivarajkumar.

He was talking to media persons on Friday and said he does not personally thing it is ‘worth’ dubbing other language films into Kannada. “But if people want it who am I to say no”, he asked.  Since films are made for people’s entertainment, if they want to see dubbed films we can only say yes and not no, he is committed to people’s choice, he said, reported Kannada Prabha.

Agreeing that he had always protested dubbing in the interest of the workers in the Kannada film industry, but now he cannot say no from the commercial point of view, he said.

Shivrajkumar also denied that he will enter politics. “I don’t like politics and I will never enter that field” he said emphatically. Denying that he was entering politics, he said if ever he decides he would tell the people first. Shivrajkumar also said his wife Geetha will not be contesting the elections.  “Rahul Gandhi visited us to pay his condolences for father’s demise. I respect him but that does not mean we will enter politics” he said.

Shivarajkumar will be flying to London to act with Sudeep in ‘Villain’.  He said he is very eager to act with Sudeep. Currently Sivarajkumar’s Leader is releasing and Tagaru is getting ready.