The Karnataka government spent Rs 200 crore for the caste census analysis and not publishing it is causing grave injustice to the backward communities by continuing social injustice. Hence the government must publish the report urged former advocate general Prof Ravivarma Kumar, reported Kannada Prabha.

He was speaking after inaugurating a national seminar on the internal reservation in backward classes and social justice, organised by the Devaraja Urs Research Institute at Devaraj Urs Bhavan in Vasanthanagar on Thursday.  The Supreme Court and the retired justice Rohini Commission has been asking for the report.  If the State Government does not submit the report it will be an injustice to backward classes as they may be cheated of seats in IISC, IIM and IIT. Hence the government must publish it Prof Ravivarma Kumar urged.

In the present reservation policy 190 backwards castes are included. Hence an internal reservation policy must be formulated.  Certain upper caste and Sangha Parivar are opposing promotion to scheduled caste and tribe. Some backwards are also of similar opinion. They are not understanding that after SC and ST, backward communities are the target, he explained.

Speaking on the occasion Nidumamidi Chennamalla Swamy said there may be small lapses in the promotion policy of SC and ST but it is not right to have a blanket protest to promotion reservation. The government must listen to those who are protesting and convince them of social justice, he said.

He also expressed his anxiety that if the Central Government gets two thirds of majority again, they would implement Hindutva agenda and that the Opposition has lost its strength to protest against Hindutva is a cause to worry, he said.