A sixth standard student Drithi Kulal, of Kinnigoli, saw an ambulance, carrying a woman in labour, held up at the closed Indiranagar railway gates at Haleyangadi and was very disturbed.

With the help of her father Ramesh Kulal and his friends, she wrote a letter in hand writing, to the Prime Minister Narendra Modi requesting a railway over bridge at Haleyangadi on the Kinnigoli-Mangaluru main road.  She had reasoned that the traffic hold up due to closing of gates when trains pass was causing great inconvenience to public. It was the only road connecting Kateel, Kinnigoli, Bajpe and Mulki, through S Kodi at Haleyangadi.

Driti is the daughter of Ramesh Kulal and Kusuma who have a small tailoring shop in Haleyangadi. They live in the nearby Padmanoor near Kinnigoli.

Ramesh Kulal received a phone call from the Prime Minister’s office to confirm about the letter. After that the PM’s office contacted the railway authorities and instructed them to take action. The PM’s office also wrote a letter in reply stating that action would be taken to construct the over bridge.  Who said small voices are not heard?