Google maps in Kannada: Find curries, side dishes instead of places

First Published 4, Nov 2017, 4:02 PM IST
Mistakes galore Find curries side dishes in Google Kannada map
  • There are many spelling mistakes in the Google Kannada Map which was launched on November 1, the formation day of Karnataka state
  • Though the initiative is commendable, the mistakes make the places sound funny, which does not serve the purpose of the initiative
  • Thus many places give weird meanings in Kannada, some even mean a side dish prepared out of an elephant

Before celebrating the Google's contribution to Kannada maps, let us have a look at the spelling mistakes, which make the places sound weird. The meaning of the places written in Kannada (due to mistake) will make you laugh out loud for sure.

The Paalya in Kannada means a place, but this has been translated in Kannada as Palya (which means side dish). So the Anepalya pronounced as Aane Paalya in Kannada gives a meaning a side dish prepared out of an elephant. Here are the various side dishes or palyas in the Google map.

Here are other words with weird meanings:

Here's how you can change the language for Maps: First open Google Maps and head to the 'menu' icon. Under Menu, you will find 'Language'. You can choose from languages there, which also include Marathi, Gujrathi, Tamil among others.

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However, it is better if the Google refines the Kannada words for places. It looks like the Google translation has been used to write these names, which is not an accurate source. Hope the Google takes a note of this and refines the search and the names in Kannada.