Mini Vidhana soudha: When Siddaramaiah is left with a broken door, courtesy his own party workers

First Published 24, Oct 2017, 12:48 PM IST
Mini Vidhan soudha When Siddaramaiah is left with a broken door courtesy his own party workers
  • CM Siddaramaiah had come to the Mini Vidhana Soudha to inaugurate it.
  • After the inauguration, when the CM entered the building to check things out, his party workers tried to forcefully enter the building.
  • Police officers tried to stop them by closing the door, but they kept on pushing, breaking the door.

In a rather hilarious incident in Mangaluru, the main door of the Mini Vidhana Soudha at Bantwal town broke under the pressure of Congress party workers...literally. Much to the disappointment of CM Siddaramaiah, after he inaugurated the same, his party workers tried to barge in and with police resisting, the hinges gave away. 

While that is one thing, what followed after was even more funny when people started debating about the quality of the door. Bantwal Tahsildar Purandar Hegde denied that the door was made of poor quality wood. He said that the police could not control the rush and therefore the door broke. In fact, just to play down the incident, Bantwal Block Congress president Mylappa Salian said that the door had just developed a crack. He further said that these are normal things that happen when party workers turn up in huge numbers.

CM Siddaramaiah's convoy had a tough time entering the premises of the building where he was supposed to do the inauguration. Even as police managed to make way for him and his aides, they were unable to stop the rush after the inauguration. Even though the entry was restricted to government officials, party workers tried to barge in. The police officers posted at the main entrance tried to shut the door, but the Congress workers kept pushing. And in the melee, the door broke. What followed was utter chaos with policemen and Congress workers losing their balance and falling down. Police had to resort to mild lathi charge to disperse the crowd. 

The mini Vidhana Soudha is a 3,225 sq mt building that costs 9.98 crore. The building houses the offices of the Tahsildar, treasury, offices of revenue inspector, sub-registration, Bhoomi Centre, commercial tax among others.