Wednesday, when the entire state of Karnataka was celebrating the new year (Ugadi festival), a man was seen cleaning the manhole and clearing the human waste near a drain adjacent to The Bidar Railway Station.


People who were travelling to various places in the holiday mood, after celebrating the festival, noticed the man who was struggling to clear the human waste, were shocked. Some of them informed the Bidar District Court Judge Sanjeevkumar Hanchati. The judge visited the spot immediately and informed the police.


The police also rushed to the place and found out that the work was going on for four days. Railway Works Sub Inspector MS Gowda had given the responsibility of the work to a contractor, who employed these manual scavengers.


Accordingly, a complaint has been lodged against the inspector and contractor. Police are investigating the matter further.


It looks like; the manual scavengers will not be rehabilitated, instead, are bribed to do the inhuman task. Why can’t the authorities have the suitable machinery to do the work and rehabilitate the manual scavengers or engage them in some other work?


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