A man running away after fighting with his friends was mistaken for a chain snatcher, caught by the public and thrashed black and blue. But to their surprise, turns out that he had Rs 1 crore of demonetised notes with him, reports Kannada Prabha.

Prabhakaran Das, a resident of Banaswadi was arrested by Subramanya Nagar police on Sunday and the police recovered banned currency of Rs 1 crore from him. His accomplice Althaf, Rizwan, Sunil and Ullas are absconding and search is on to nab them.

On Sunday, at around 6.45 pm, Das and Ullas had come to Gayatri Nagar to exchange old notes. During transaction a fight broke out among them. An angry Das took the suitcase with money and started running. Seeing a man with beard, running with a suitcase onlookers thought him to be a chain snatcher. They chased him and nabbed him. By then a woman had called the control room and alerted the police. Subramanya Nagar police who rushed to the spot arrested Das. Upon inquiry, the police checked the suitcase and found that Das allegedly had demonetised notes worth Rs one crore.

According to Kannada Prabha, Prabhakaran Das was employed in a private company near Residency Road. Three months ago he had resigned from his job and got into money laundering. The police have launched a man hunt to nab his associates.