The state of Karnataka was formed on the basis of the language Kannada. Most people in Karnataka speak the language Kannada. Though there are people speaking Tulu, Konkani, Beary and Kodava languages, all know to speak Kannada and love it as the language of the state.

So, if you are not from Karnataka and do not understand Kannada, here are some words to start learning the language of the state you are working or currently residing in. As it is Karnataka Rajyotsava, let us start with five words related to the celebration.

1) Kannada

Kannada is the language of Karnataka. Most non-Kannadigas are heard pronouncing it as Kannad. But remember it ends with 'a' and should be pronounced as Kannada and not Kannad.

2) Rajya

Rajya (pronounced as Raajya) means the state. i.e. Karnataka.

3) Bavuta

Karnataka is the only state in India apart from Jammu and Kashmir to have a flag for the state. The procedure to make it the official flag of the state is on.

The flag is called 'Bavuta' (pronounced as Baavuta) in Kannada.   

4) Utsava

We already know Rajya means state. Now Utsava means festival. Thus Rajyotsava means the festival of the state.

5) Namaskara

The word Namaskara is the equivalent of the English word Hello. You can even use this word to welcome people. And on this day Karnataka welcomes all those from outside the state with 'Namaskara'.