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Karnataka elections 2018: For the first time, four-time MLA S Suresh Kumar faces a challenge from Congress and JD(S) in Rajajinagar

May 3, 2018, 6:14 PM IST

It was a cakewalk for BJP in every election from last two decades in Rajajinagar, winning almost every central, state and local elections. But in 2015, Congress bagged three wards out of seven from BJP. This was very evident that Congress candidate Padmavathi, who has been working to topple BJP MLA Suresh Kumar, is going to give the tough fight.


The number of wards won by the party in BBMP election in 2015 will also be a key factor in deciding an MLA candidate's fate. Padmavathi is known as a citizen activist who prefers to set right every civic issue besides also giving funds to youths in organising yearly festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, local deity prayers and other events in Rajajinagar.


It would have become only a two-way fight had JDS not fielded Krishnamurthy. Krishnamurthy contested from Magadi last time and lost by a very thin margin and now he is reaching out to the Vokkaliga voters in Rajajinagar to give him a chance. He is also popular among other communities and may deliver surprises.


However, Rajajinagar, being a tradition BJP belt, may continue to back Suresh Kumar.

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