Karnataka Election 2018: From the 'C' factor to the 'S' factor sweeping the political landscape

First Published 13, Feb 2018, 5:50 PM IST
Karnataka Election 2018 From the C factor to the S factor sweeping the political landscape
  • As the year 2018 sets in, Karnataka's election fever grips the state with the 'C' gradually transforming into the 'S' factor
  • And thus these factors are utilised by various leaders of the two big parties - Congress and BJP - to ensure their own political gains
  • From the biggies like Rahul Gandhi or PM Modi to the stalwarts in Karnataka like Siddaramaiah or Yeddyurappa, various 'C' for channels and 'S' for strategies are exploited for wooing the respective vote bank
  • Asianet Newsable elaborates the key roles of the 'C' and 'S'

The year of 2018 began with much gusto. January began heating up with the election fever in the state of Karnataka giving rise to the C factor. Caste played a crucial role with Hindu leader Deepak Rao's alleged murder as BJP cried foul. What followed was the next C - Communal violence in the belts of Dakshina Kannada. Focus in February shifted to C for cows. Cow yagna was organised by the cow protection cell of the BJP to create awareness about the importance of cows and the need to protect them to strengthen the rural economy. With Modi's entry in Bengaluru on February 4th, C for corruption grabbed headlines with the Prime Minister accusing the Congress of being a 10 pc commission government in Karnataka.

Watch the video here:

With Rahul Gandhi's 3-day visit to Hyderabad-Karnataka on February 10th, the 'C' factor gradually turned into an 'S' factor. Wooing the Swamis or Swamijis seems to be the agenda of these netas. While Rahul Gandhi and Siddaramaiah are busy playing temple run literally, Yeddyurappa, as part of his Parivartan Yatra, never failed to visit temple or the sages.

S for slums was adopted by the BJP. Top netas like BS Yeddyurappa, Shobha Karandlaje and the likes are busy with slum stay programme. They head to a household in the slum areas in and around Bengaluru as winning votes from slums can be key to their success.

And finally, Rahul Gandhi forgets pakodas and opts for soosla and mirchi bajji to spice up the competition in the election battlefield of Karnataka. Media reports point to how Rahul Gandhi stopped by a tea stall in Raichur district to have the soosla, a local delicacy made of puffed rice. Well, ultimately, what these leaders need to realise is that: to stay in power, you need only two Gs - Good Governance.