Malayalam actress Sanusha Santosh, who made her Kannada debut with Santheyalli Nintha Kabeera, has filed a complaint saying she was sexually harassed on a train.

The actress was travelling from Mangaluru to Thiruvananthapuram when she was harassed by a co-passenger at night.

At night when all the passengers were asleep, the accused walked up to Sanusha and tried to molest her. But Sanusha caught the passenger's hand and shouted, waking up the others. She did not let the accused go, and he was handed over to the police.

Sanusha acted instantly and has filed a complaint with the police against the harasser. But the actress is said to have expressed anger that the fellow passengers did not come to her rescue, not did support her in handing the accused over to the police. Only a handful people came to help her.

Is this the attitude towards girls or specifically actresses? Recently, actress Shruti Hariharan too had spoken out about the issue of casting couch and sexual favours sought from actresses. Sexual harassment case of another Kannada-Malayalam actress had landed a popular Malayalam actor Dileep in jail last year.

According to the latest news, a man tried to rape a woman in Hyderabad, who was watching Padmaavat in a comparatively empty hall. 

Increasing incidents of rape and molestation are a clear indication that not the clothes nor any other factor, as projected by some the reason, but the cheap mentality of such men towards girls is the main factor which needs to be dealt with strictly.