After police arrest three in connection with a fake marks card racket in the city, the ease with which one can obtain a fake marks card has been revealed. More frightening is the fact that the people in the scam are well-educated individuals who have developed a sizeable clientele over the years. 

As per a report by Bangalore Mirror, this is how one could obtain a marks card from the agents:
-    Agents open career and education consultation offices in the city close to private colleges
-    They advertise their services on social media and identify potential clients when approached with queries
-    The agents ask the client to make an initial payment to a particular bank account
-    After receiving the money, the agent collects the essential details of the client along with a passport size photograph  
-    A rate list is sent for the courses over WhatsApp. Rates differ according to the institution from where degree certificate is to be procured. The rates often start from Rs 1 lakh
-    Before issuing the printed copy, the agent emails a scanned image of the marks card to the client
-    If the student wants more marks cards, he/she has to pay an additional of Rs 8000
-    A cyber expert working on the case with the police said that university officials were hand-in-glove with the agents as the marks cards were never flagged down during online verification.

With over 180 agents in India with close connections to universities, the nationwide racket is bound to be the mother of all scams related to education.