Considering the recent allegations, it looks like the godmen and priests are the latest threat to people. After the horrible incident where a woman cut off the penis of a priest who was allegedly sexually abusing her, here is an incident in Karnataka where many women complained of this priest cheating them to the tune of lakhs of rupees.

Suvarna News had exposed the priest Dhananjay who was well known for solving any problem people faced. Soon after the channel accuses Dhananjay of Kunigal cheating the people, he walks into the studio. A man laden with gold does not leave any stone unturned to argue that he is innocent.

Dhananjay’s growth itself is suspicious as a small vendor on the roadside has a temple which is doing very good business and uses black magic to fool people. The man who led his life by selling bajjis and bondas (fritters) six years ago now is one of the richest men in Tumakuru.

The temple named Sri Satya Shaneshwaraswami temple is situated 70 km from Bengaluru at Kunigal in Tumakuru district.

According to the Suvarna expose, Dhananjay only entertains rich people. As he finds the influential people walking inside the temple, which has grown in size and wealth in six years, he scares them by saying they have been tricked into black magic by someone. Scared of the unseen power people ask for a solution. Then Dhananjay asks them to follow what he says. He conducts homas (religious ritual) and charges Rs five to six lakhs say sources based on the complaints by people.

After charging people in lakhs for years, some of them smelled a foul play especially when they opened the packet tied on the corners of the house. The packet had litter sticks, and their problems were not solved. After a while, many understood that this priest was fake but did not have the strength to fight him.

When Suvarna News approached the victims, they found a way to expose the priest and gave complaints against him.

Days before this expose, Dhananjay had told people that he was planning to build an idol of 150-ft tall Panchamukhi Anjaneya and would invite PM Narendra Modi for its inaugural.