Former rowdy sheeter Naga who has remained underground since the Bengaluru police raided his house has now claimed that he would be ready to surrender if Home Minister G Parameshwar calls me to do so. In his second video message that is exclusively available with Suvarna News, the former BBMP corporator claimed that he was tired of police harassment who have fixed him in crimes that he had never committed. 'No one but Home Minister G Parameshwar alone understands my plight. If he calls me up to surrender, I would do so in just 10 minutes," stated Naga.

When mediapersons posed queries about Naga's claims of his alleged links with him, Parameshwar flatly denied these "links" He simply said that "I do not know 'Rowdy' Naga. I have not seen the video."

The police had raided his house in an early morning crack down on April 14 and recovered crores of demonetised notes stashed in his house in Srirampura. He has remained untraceable since then. However, he has managed to communicate whatever he has to through the CD. This time, Naga has threatened to die before Vidhana Soudha, if the chief minister Siddaramaiah fails to remove "bad" IPS officers in the state. "Let Siddaramaiah be held responsible for my death," threatened 'Rowdy' Naga.

'Rowdy' Naga also claimed to have had links with even BJP MP PC Mohan. "If you cannot believe me, let the call details be reviewed," he challenged. Not just these threats, 'Rowdy' Naga has also placed various demands from the police. "If arrested, I should be kept in a VIP cell," he has said in the CD.

While the police are still unsure of his whereabouts, Naga infamously known as 'Bomb Naga' continues to threaten the police and blame them for his present state.