Former chief minister of Karnataka and JD(S) State President HD Kumaraswmay has made an emotional appeal to the people to vote for the party. He made a surprising statement that  he might not live for a long time.

Addressing his final speech ahead of Karnataka Assembly elections, Kumaraswamy spoke at Laggere in the Rajarajeshwari Nagar Assembly constituency. Kumaraswmy is said to be suffering from fever and throat infection was hurrying to leave the venue after the speech.

Interestingly he said that, he needs to collect money for the candidates, who are  eagerly waiting for the huge sum. Don't know where to go and kill myself, he said.

He also added that now saving his life is in the hands of the people. If people elect him to power, he will live and save the people too.  

Thus through the emotional speech, is Kumaraswamy pointing out at ill-health? It can be remembered that he had recently had gone to the Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore hospital to get his routine check up done following which he had a valve replacement surgery at Apollo Hospital in Bengaluru.

Another fact to be noticed is his statement where he says he needs to collect money for the candidates. Is he indirectly accusing JD(S) candidates of demanding money?