In a strange case, a group of men who had reportedly kidnapped a girl to rape her had a change of heart. And they let her go. Absolutely unbelievable, right? Strange but true. 

It is reported that a group of men who worked as sand miners kidnapped seventh standard girl while she was sleeping from her house in Hitnal, Koppal, on Sunday. They took her along with her bed to the outskirts of the village with an intention to rape.

But the girl was screaming and crying as she found herself in the pitch dark with men. Reportedly moved by it, one of the men felt guilty and convinced the others to let her go, reports Kannada Prabha. 

Somehow this news got leaked and the villagers immediately alerted the helpline. The helpline staff rushed to the village and rescued her. The girl who is said to be in severe shock is under the protection at the Child Security unit at Koppal.