After Suvarna News exposed a fodder scam with Rs 22 crore alone in Tumakuru district, the Lokayukta has served notices to 127 officers seeking explanation in this regard.

For the past three years, the state has been reeling under severe drought. As many as 139 taluks had been declared drought-hit and the deputy commissioners were instructed to provide fodder for the cattle. The government had released crores of funds towards setting up 'Goshalas' and also to purchase fodder in December and February but nothing has reached the farmers, reports Suvarna News. 'Goshalas' are cattle sheds that helps the farmers in distress sale of cattle due to shortage of fodder and drinking water.

But irregularities in purchasing fodder has been reported from Tumakuru to the tune of Rs 22 crore alone! The 'Cover Story' of Suvarna News team had unearthed the scam forcing the Lokayukta to act, now.

It has come to light that there has been severe discrepancies of accounts in the log book maintained by the officials. Check this. As many as Rs 33.96 lakh released to maintain the 'Goshalas' in seven taluks has also not helped the needy, farmers at all. There has not a single goshala been built for the farmers. Besides, the officials have also swindled Rs 21.98 crore granted to purchase the fodder, as per the Lokayukta report.

The Lokayukta report  has also found that serious lapse of duty on the part of officials responsible for the purchase and distribution of the fodder. At many places, the fodder was not distributed after weighing scientifically as each farmer has a share in it. Considering this, the Lokayukta has now issued notices to the officers concerned.