After photocopies and the Children Bank of India rows, now Rs 2000 notes have been found with the text 'This Is For Shotting Purpose Only'.

The Public TV reported that an Axis Bank ATM in Lakkasandra released the faulty Rs 2000 note with weird text on the top right side of the note. 

Dayanand Reddy withdrew money from the Lakkasandra Axis ATM and went to the petrol bunk and gave the note. That is when he found out from the petrol bunk staff that the note was fake.

On the top right of the note where RESERVE BANK OF INDIA should have been written, there was this text 'THIS IS FOR SHOTTING PURPOSE ONLY'.

The Kannada channel also claimed that the police did not file a complaint and sent Dayanand back saying it was just one faulty note. It is also said that even the bank staff did not respond positively.

It looks like there is still confusion about the features of the real Rs 2000 note. Here are the complete details of the features of the real Rs 2000 note.

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