Sandalwood actor Duniya Vijay is out on conditional bail after spending eight days at Parappana Agrahara jail with respect to the assault case of Maruthi Gowda, nephew of actor's former gym trainer Panipuri Kitty.

Vijay spoke in a press conference after returning home from jail at night on September 1. The actor clarified on the allegations against him about the assault as well as his fist wife Nagarathna.

Speaking about allegations of assault on Maruthi Gowda, the actor said that he did not hit Maruthi and said that he was not kidnapping him, but as he was injured, he wanted to drop him home after getting him changed.

The actor said he will take the help of law to clear all the allegations.

Answering the allegations made by his first wife Nagarathna, the actor said that they had parted ways four  years ago. He said a peace talk was made in the presence of a lawyer two-and-half years ago and he agreed to come back to Nagarathna. But conditions were laid on his part as well hers.

Accordingly, Nagarathna was asked to look after Duniya Vijay's parents and that there will be peace at home. But even after six months of the arrangement, she reportedly did not allow his parents to set foot inside the house and was always fighting.

Thus after six months, the couple spoke in the presence of lawyer called Nagaraj and decided to part ways after Vijay said that he cannot continue staying with Nagarathna. Thus accordingly the house was registered in her name and three-acre farm and farm house was written in the name of son samrat.

Vijay said that he was currently  living in a rented house and said all allegations made by Nagarathna against him and his second wife Keerthy Gowda are false.  

He also said that even in Nagarathna's matter, he will take the help of law to clear the allegations.

Nagarathna had alleged that Keerthy Gowda was the reason Vijay broke his relationship with Nagarathna. She also alleged that Keerthy was the fifth girl in Vijay's life and that only a desperate man would marry leaving behind his children and wife.

However, Vijay clarified that his three children along with his parents and second wife stayed with him and not with Nagarathna.