In a rather surprising development, at least one video of either Congress leader or his supporters indulging in acts of violence and goondaism are surfacing on social media. After five such incidents in five days, now another video of Yeshwantpur MLA ST Somashekhar's alleged supporters assaulting with lethal weapons is making rounds in the social media.

Accordingly, a compound belonging to one Puttaraju was sought for Congress programme. But allegedly the entry to land was closed by the owner, and this led to a fight, and also groups of youths are seen damaging the compound.

The youths are alleged to be MLA's supporters. But clarifying on the same, MLA Somashekhar has said that this is a fight between the local residents, which also included some of his supporters as they were living close by and not a politically motivated act. The MLA has asked the authorities to take strict action on anyone found guilty, including his supporters.

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It is said that Puttaraju refused the give permission to use the land for the conference and built a compound. Mane-Manege Congress programme (Congress door-to-door campaign) was scheduled to be held on February 18 at Thigalarapalya, to be organised by Yeshwantpur MLA ST Somashekhar.

Somashekhar's supporters lived across the land, they damaged the compound and attacked Prakash, Chikkanna, Mahesh and Joganna Gowda with lethal weapons. They also pelted stones at those who protested.

However, MLA Somashekhar has refuted the charges and said that his supporters being the residence is just a coincidence and that this act has no political motivation. 

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