The cost of watching a film in a multiplex usually pinches a regular cinema goer in the city with tickets in these theatres often being north of Rs 200 per seat. Imagine a family four going to a movie and then calculate the amount spent on refreshments etc especially on a weekend!


What most families are now doing is that they are waiting for the films to come on television so that movie-watching does not upset their budgets. But the Karnataka government is proposing to play saviour and bring down the costs.


The government has proposed put a cap on movie ticket prices at Rs 200 in all cinema theatres, including multiplexes. This has been a long-pending demand in Bengaluru, where tickets can go upto Rs 500 sometimes.


Apart from that the Chief Minister announced that there should be mandatory screening of Kannada and regional language films in one screen of multiplex cinemas in prime time between 1.30 pm to 7.30 pm.