Karnataka is heading towards assembly elections next year and the recent by-election shows that BJP is not in commanding position in this state. However, BS Yeddyurappa, the state party president of BJP, is confident that the assembly elections will bear better results for the party.


In a recent interview with the Economic Times, Yeddyurappa reportedly stated that he is sure of becoming the next chief minister of Karnataka and that the party will get 150 out of the 224 assembly seats. 


About the by-poll results, the BJP president said that though the party lost yet the vote share has gone up as compared to previous elections and that it is a good sign for the party. He further said that the results of these by-elections will not have any impact on the 2018 elections.


He stated that he will be leading the party in the assembly elections and will win an absolute majority to form the state government to be headed by him. The party will be cautious to select the right candidates by assessing the mood of the voters and BJP party president Amit Shah is most likely to make the final decisions.


Stating that PM Narendra Modi and Amit Shah has faith in him; Yeddyurappa does not believe that the outcome of the by-polls will have any impact on the vote bank of state BJP. Furthermore, he believes that the entry of SM Krishna in the party will help BJP to strengthen their position in Bengaluru.