Just a few days after red beacons on government cars was banned by the Centre, UT Khader the minister of Food and Civil Supplies refused to go by the dictum, saying that he would follow the protocol only if chief minister Siddaramaiah instructs him to do so. 

While that was a blatant violation of a protocol that even top ministers in the country were ready to follow, the minister's refusal to abide by the law was just another example of the prevailing 'bully culture' in Karnataka politics. 

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But things are changing with the times. And an incident last night proves exactly that. Gone are the days when patients in ambulances used to suffer in silence because of a traffic jam caused by a minister's convoy. It has cost many lives to bring such a welcome change like this one.

In a first of its kind, the city traffic police allowed an ambulance carrying an emergency patient to overtake Chief Minister Siddaramaiah's convoy on Sunday evening.

Traffic police had previously drawn public ire for giving preference to VIP convoys over emergency cases. They also released a statement on the same.



Siddaramaiah had landed at the HAL Old Airport in the evening and his convoy was on its way to his residence. At the same time, an emergency patient was being ferried to Hosmat hospital from Suranjan Das Road. This information was passed on to the traffic police officers stationed at the Suranjandas Road junction. 

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Speaking to the Deccan Chronicle, DCP (Traffic-East) Abhishek Goyal said, "the officers, passed on the information to the CM’s convoy and after taking due concurrence of CM convoy officers, the traffic police allowed the ambulance to overtake the CM's convoy and move ahead to Hosmat along the cleared route."

Earlier Bengaluru traffic police had drawn the ire of the public because of incidents of ambulances being stuck in traffic jams because of VIP convoys. But this incident shows them in a different light altogether. 

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