The infamous Bellandur lake saw foam formation once again as soon the rains started. With this, it is evident that all the efforts by the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) have failed.

The city is experiencing good rains from the beginning of May. On Thursday because of heavy rains, water from sewerage in the surrounding areas made its way into the lake and almost immediately froth formation started. Residents of the surrounding apartments attribute it to the flowing of detergent mixed water from the surrounding apartments and industries. The foam is more near Yamalur Bank and it is feared that it may spread to the roads if the rains continue. The residents fear fire breaking out.

The National Green Tribunal had registered a case voluntarily and had taken the State Government to task. It ordered the Congress government to clean the lake. Siddaramaiah's government has replied saying unless the flowing of contaminated water to the lake it is difficult to clean the weeds.

If the foam problem has to be solved, the priority is to stop the contaminated water to flow into it. "To do this there is a necessity of building a water processing unit at this place" IISC experts had recommended. Accordingly, building of water processing units is underway. Weeding, cleaning of the water is being done by the BDA.