Bangalore University (BU) has decided to call back lakhs of mark cards of its students over a spelling mistake that has caused much trouble for the students and has embarrassed the university yet again. On March 13, in a Syndicate meeting, this decision was taken reported Bangalore Mirror. 


The marks cards issued by the university has a watermark that misspells ‘university’ as ‘universty’ and according to an earlier report by the same daily, it is causing trouble for the students as they are facing difficulty while applying for jobs.


At the meeting, members of the Syndicate showed their displeasure over the incident and demanded to know how these marks cards were distributed with the glaring error. 


A single misspelling on marks card is enough to make the important document invalid; the report quoted the interim Vice-Chancellor of BU, Jagadeesh Prakash, as saying. 


University marks card is an important document for the students for applying for higher education and jobs. The faulty marks card can land the students into serious trouble. 


In view of this, the Syndicate members have asked the students to contact the university that will do the needful. Around 5 lakh marks cards have been called back by the university. 


However, the process to get the new marks cards and the cost it will incur are other issues that are associated with this error and its rectification. According to a Syndicate member, the cost of the high-quality paper itself if ₹16 as quoted by the daily. Then there is the additional cost of printing and distribution.  


Earlier, the university failed to give gold medals to all its toppers due to insufficient funds and asked the toppers to pay the deficit fund to get the medals.