Barely a few days after the horrifying incident of a Northeastern resident in Bengaluru being abused and asked to lick shoes, more tragic stories are emerging about the attacks on NE residents in Bengaluru. 

In this case, when a group of NE residents objected to the drunken and lecherous behaviour of a neighbour, they were molested, slapped and threatened with a knife after being threatened. 

Debojit and Samar Mahilary, both working professionals and residents of Bilekhalli, have reported being threatened by a knife-wielding neighbour on Thursday evening while playing carrom board in their sit-out area. 

Debojit, a 29-year-old techie and an Assam resident, said that the incident happened at around 8:30 pm when Venkatesh, his neighbour, barged into their house at Bilekhalli and grabbed his collar. 

The victim alleges that Venkatesh was drunk and was wielding a knife. "He warned us to get out this place. This is not the first time he is harassing us. Earlier he has slapped me for no reason," said Debojit.

The complaint has been registered with Mico Layout police station.

The incident appears to be an escalation of an earlier assault, when the same neighbour, named Venkatesh, knocked on the door of one Moina and her husband, allegedly while drunk. 

Moina and her husband opened the door and confronted Venkatesh. 

"My husband and I asked him to go away, but he held my hand and tried to kiss me. We raised the alarm and many others in the area came out, including my cousin Debojit. He (Venkatesh) went away, but before going he threatened that he would toss us off the top of the building,"  said Moina, who works as a beautician.

Moina alleges that Venkatesh had attacked Debojit that night as well. 

Mico Layout Inspector BK Shekar confirmed the complaint to Asianet Newsable and said the house owner had come along with the complainants. 

"A complaint or threat has been registered, and if the girls give us in writing about his misbehaviour, another complaint will be recorded, and action will be initiated," he said.