A Kannada film actor was warned by Magadi Raod police for creating nuisance in an inebriated condition and fined for smoking in a public place, reported Kannada Prabha.

Actor Rakesh and his friend Shreyas, along with their 5 other friends were found behaving inappropriately at Ramamandir Gopalapura on Tuesday midnight 1.30. 

But Rakesh told mediapersons that he did not commit any mistake. He and his friends were standing near Ramamandira having parked his car and talking when police arrived and assaulted. When objected they took Rakesh and his friend Shreyas to Magadi Road police station.

The police said that they received a call from locals that at 1.30 in the night a group of boys were drinking and creating a lot of noise near Rama Mandira. A Hoysala jeep went to the spot and found Rakesh and his friends screaming.  

The police told them to go home.  But the boys misbehaved with the police. Soon when Rakesh was going overboard the police took him to the Magadi Road station. As soon as the police caught Rakesh the rest of them ran away. Police managed to catch Shreyas and took them both to the station.  They were both fined Rs 200 for smoking in public place.

Meanwhile Rakesh’s parents came to know of the incident and arrived at the station. They requested the police to let go after advice.  The police agreed to the parent’s request warned Rakesh and Shreyas and let them go.  The police said they did not assault them.

However Rakesh showed severe beating marks on his thighs and said they were standing near Rama Mandir when police arrived and started beating them.  He said he has not done any mistake and would complain to higher officials.