Parvathamma Rajkumar is known as the strong pillar of Sandalwood. Born at Saligrama in Mysuru in 1930, Parvathamma passed away at the age of 78. If Dr Rajkumar is considered the biggest star of Kannada film industry, Parvathamma can be called the person who launched numerous actors, singers and technicians in the Kannada film industry. This woman is an example in herself. She is not just the wife of the celebrity but has produced over 80 films from her own banner and is called ‘amma’ by many who are celebrities because of her.

Here are seven facts you might not have known about Parvathamma:

1)    Parvathamma’s eyes were donated to Narayana Nethralaya, soon after her death.

Even Dr Rajkumar had donated his eyes to the same hospital.


2)    She was very good in mathematics; her parents encouraged her to study

Eldest daughter of Appajigowda and Lakshmamma was encouraged to pursue her studies. Sources said Maths was her favourite subject. This interest might have helped her in getting a strong hold over financial matters.


3)    Parvathamma was just 13 when she got married to Dr Rajkumar in Nanjangud

Dr Rajkumar, then a theatre personality was 24 years old when he got married to Parvathamma who was just 13 years old.


4)    Parvathamma’s father Appajigowda taught music to Dr Rajkumar

Appajigowda was a music teacher. Sources said that he knew Rajkumar quite well and had taught him music


5)    Five movies produced by Parvathamma have run for one year each

Shankar Guru, Anuraga Aralitu, Jeevana Chaitra, Janumada Jodi and Nanjundi Kalyana movies ran in the theatres for over a year. 16 movies she produced were screened for over 25 weeks, 33 films ran for 100 days, and 19 films ran for 50 days.


6)    Tamil stalwart MGR and his wife Janaki were fond of Parvathamma

The star actor and politician of Tamil Nadu, MG Ramachandran knew Dr Rajkumar quite well. As the movies were being shot mainly in the studios in Tamil Nadu, the actors often met along with their respective spouses.


7)    Parvathamma opened Shaktidham for the destitute women

This centre has helped more than 1,000 women to be self-sufficient, proving that not only she was empowered, but she even believed in women empowerment and strived towards making women independent.