Former prime minister and JDS Supremo HD Devegowda has said that no hidden or special meaning must be given on whatever Modi has spoken about him in his election campaign rally.

Addressing a joint press conference at press club on Wednesday, HD Devegowda said, PM is well-versed with the latest development of a state much before he enters that state.

"Prime Minister Narendra Modi is aware of the developments in Karnataka and he spoke about that in a public rally in Udupi on Tuesday. Don't try to give a different colour or meaning to that. We will win elections on our own and we don't want any help from anybody," Devegowda said.

Answering a question on leaving the country if Modi is voted to power, he said, "I never said I will leave the country if Modi becomes the prime minister. It was misquoted and I said I will resign from Lok Sabha if Modi becomes prime minister of the country. I was even ready for the resignation and met PM. But he advised me not to resign and requested me to continue.  He also advised that attack and counterattack during the election campaign are quite common and you need not submit the resignation rather guide them in the Lok Sabha. There is a need for seniors like me in the Lok Sabha. Whenever I met PM Modi, he treated me well. That's when I decided not to resign."

"Back in 2004 when we formed the coalition govt with Congress, Siddharamiah knocked the doors of BJP to form the government to become Chief Minister. Siddaramiah himself spoke to me about his desire to become Chief Minister but I didn't heed to his request," he further added.