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Karnataka suffers from heatwave: IMD predicts several districts might cross 40°C within next 2 months

Bengaluru faces a heatwave with temperatures reaching 35.2°C, causing concern among residents. Coastal and northern Karnataka also experience high temperatures, with some areas exceeding 40°C. Traffic signals are turned off during noon in Kalaburagi due to the heat. Netizens compare Bengaluru's heat to Mumbai and Delhi.

Karnataka suffers from heatwave: IMD predicts several districts might cross 40 degrees Celsius within next 2 months vkp
First Published Apr 10, 2024, 12:12 PM IST

As burning heat continues to grip the state of Karnataka, residents find themselves enduring unrelenting sunshine and soaring temperatures. The city of Bangalore, in particular, is experiencing a concerning rise in temperature, causing panic among its inhabitants.

Today, Bengaluru witnessed a temperature of 35.2 degrees Celsius, marking a 3.6-degree increase compared to the usual conditions. Even nighttime offers little respite, with the minimum temperature soaring to 22.5 degrees Celsius, two to three degrees higher than normal.

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The heatwave extends beyond Bengaluru, with Raichur recording the lowest temperature in Kalburgi, rising to 26.1 degrees Celsius. Southern hinterland areas, including Bengaluru, are bearing the brunt of the heat, prompting heatwave warnings for several districts where temperatures are expected to exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

The Meteorological Department has issued a cautionary note, predicting further escalation of temperatures in the upcoming days. Coastal Karnataka is not spared from the heatwave, as evidenced by the following temperature readings:

Coastal districts record 37.2°C

Honnavara: Maximum: 33.7°C, Minimum: 23.9°C
Karwar: Maximum: 36.2°C, Minimum: 26°C
Shirali: Maximum: 37.2°C, Minimum: 22.2°C
Mangaluru Airport: Maximum: 34.8°C, Minimum: 26.5°C
Panambur: Maximum: 35°C, Minimum: 26°C

North Karnataka records 41.1°C

Belagavi city: Maximum: 36.5°C, Minimum: 22°C
Belagavi Airport: Maximum: 37.6°C, Minimum: 20.8°C
Bidar: Maximum: 36.6°C, Minimum: 24°C
Vijayapura: Maximum: 39°C, Minimum: 2.5°C
Bagalkot: Maximum: 41.1°C, Minimum: 26.1°C

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Bengaluru records 37.6°C

Bengaluru HAL Airport: Maximum: 34.4°C, Minimum: 21°C
Bengaluru city: Maximum: 35.2°C, Minimum: 22.5°C
Bengaluru KIAL Airport: Maximum: 35.7°C, Minimum: 21°C
Chamarajanagar: Maximum: 37.6°C, Minimum: 19.9°C
Chikkamagaluru: Maximum: 34.2°C, Minimum: 16.4°C

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