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Is Bengaluru hotter than Mumbai, Delhi? Netizens react as picture gets viral on social media

Bengaluru, once known for its perfect weather, now faces a water crisis and soaring temperatures, reaching up to 38°C. Immigrants feel betrayed, comparing it unfavorably to Mumbai. Social media mocks the city's plight. The Indian Meteorological Department predicts rain on April 10 and 11, offering hope to residents amidst the heatwave.

Is Bengaluru hotter than Mumbai, Delhi? Netizens react as picture gets viral on Social Media vkp
First Published Apr 10, 2024, 8:45 AM IST

Once hailed as the pinnacle of perfect weather, Bengaluru now finds itself roasted under the critical gaze of its inhabitants thanks to a water crisis and skyrocketing temperatures. The city once fondly dubbed the 'Garden City', now faces mercury levels soaring up to around 38°C, creeping perilously close to the April scorcher of 39.2°C way back in 2016.

This unexpected twist has left countless immigrants, who once flocked to Bengaluru in pursuit of mild weather, feeling utterly betrayed. The once-charming cityscape is now being unfavourably compared to the concrete jungle of Mumbai, with online warriors delighting in the Bengaluru versus Mumbai showdown, where Mumbai surprisingly emerges victorious this time.

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As if that weren't enough, Bengaluru's balmy nights outshine even the infamous heat of Delhi and Gurugram, much to the locals' dismay. Social media platforms are flooded with memes and banter poking fun at Bengaluru's newfound heatwave, much to the embarrassment of its residents who are left scratching their sweaty heads.

Despite Karnataka being among the first states to sizzle under heatwave conditions this summer, with initial attention on its northern regions, other parts of the state are now starting to feel the burn. Bengaluru recently clocked daytime temperatures of 37.2°C, marking one of the hottest days the Silicon City has witnessed in almost a decade.

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But fear not, Bengalureans, for there might be a silver lining peeking through the clouds. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) predicts rain to grace the city on April 10 and 11. While it remains uncertain whether these showers will douse the fiery temperatures, they certainly offer a glimmer of hope amidst the relentless heatwave.

During the sweltering conditions, Bengaluru residents are crossing their fingers, toes, and anything else they can, in hopes of a refreshing downpour to wash away their heat-induced woes.

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