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Bengaluru: IT couple seeks ideas to spend Rs 3 lakh monthly savings; netizens flood with adoption requests

A Bengaluru couple earning Rs 7 lakh monthly and saving Rs 3 lakh sought spending suggestions on the Grapevine app, sparking humorous and practical responses. Netizens joked about salary-sharing and adoption, while others advised investing in real estate, travel, or philanthropy. Their post highlights young professionals' financial challenges.

Bengaluru: IT couple seeks ideas to spend Rs 3 lakh monthly savings; netizens flood with adoption requests vkp
First Published Jun 18, 2024, 2:48 PM IST

A Bengaluru-based couple, both software engineers, have stirred a humorous storm online after revealing they save a whopping Rs 3 lakh every month and are at a loss on how to spend it.

The tech-savvy duo, who remain childless and enjoy a combined monthly income of Rs 7 lakh, posted their financial woes on the Grapevine app, a popular platform among Indian professionals. Their post quickly garnered over 200 comments, many of which humorously suggested solutions ranging from adoption requests to tongue-in-cheek salary-sharing requests.

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The husband detailed their financial situation, stating they managed to save a substantial portion of their income even after accounting for living expenses and other outlays such as car maintenance. "We're left with more than Rs 3 lakh every month," he lamented, inviting creative suggestions on how to utilize the surplus.

Responses flooded in, with one user cheekily quipping, "Give me some. I am not getting enough salary," reflecting the playful banter among netizens. Another person jokingly asked to be adopted by the affluent couple, highlighting the light-hearted nature of the discussion.

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Amidst the fun, some netizens offered practical advice, suggesting the couple consider investments in real estate or travel experiences. Others recommended philanthropic gestures like donating to charities or investing in ventures that could generate additional income, such as Airbnb.

The couple's candid post not only sparked a humorous dialogue but also underscored the financial challenges and opportunities faced by young professionals in India's tech hub.

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