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‘Jab we met…’ User claims Bengaluru auto driver helped catch train, 27 km within 25 mins

Bengaluru's auto driver turns commuter's train pursuit into a wild race covering 27 km in 25 minutes, reaching the station before the train. The driver's shrewd business model turns potential disasters into profitable opportunities, allegedly clocking a staggering 1.08 km per second during the thrilling dash.

'Jab we met...' User claims Bengaluru auto driver helped catch train, 27 km within 25 mins vkp
First Published Dec 7, 2023, 4:36 PM IST

In the labyrinth of Bengaluru's streets, auto drivers often showcase their Formula 1 skills, making crazy attempts to outpace time and deliver passengers to their destinations with, well, let's call it 'flair'. At peak hours, it's as if they've got an invisible championship to win, zipping through shortcuts like they're on a mission from the driving gods themselves.

But hold onto your seats, because one Bengaluru auto driver just took the term "crazy driving" to a whole new level! One fateful day, a commuter, Adil Husain, found himself in a bizarre yet thrilling race against time, courtesy of an auto driver whose speed was matched only by his unwavering determination.

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Adil recounts his escapade, where he was about to miss the Prashanti Express from SBC station due to work commitments. Starting from Marathalli at 12:50 pm for a 17 km journey, the traffic threatened to foil his plans. As he reached the station road, the 'train gossip committee' of auto drivers hinted that his train might have already departed.

While still tracking the train on his app, Adil headed for platform no. 4, only to witness the train chugging away. Enter our hero auto driver, who wasn't about to let Adil's train slip away without a fight!

With a bold promise to get Adil to the train at Yelahanka Junction, 27 km away, the auto driver pledged, "Pay me only if you catch it!" Adil's mind did a quick calculation – flight costs soaring, 2AC ticket going to waste, and then the offer: 2500 for both.

At 1:50 pm, the Yelahanka stop was a mere 30 minutes away, and Adil, accompanied by a friend, embarked on the most adrenaline-pumping auto ride ever witnessed. Zooming through traffic and navigating shortcuts like a pro, the auto driver even rallied his friends in hot pursuit of the train. They reached the station at 2:15 pm, with the train still a few minutes away, thanks to this auto-driving maestro.

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Adil couldn't help but marvel at the auto driver's ingenuity, turning potential disasters into profitable opportunities. "This guy waits for people like me who tend to get late for the train & challenges to reach before the train, and in the next 20-25 minutes, he earns 2500," he remarked, astounded by the driver's shrewd business model.

The punchline? The auto driver allegedly travelled at a mind-boggling 1.08 km per second! That's right, the Bengaluru roads witnessed a speed spectacle that even Lewis Hamilton might envy, all during the notorious afternoon traffic.

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