Vijay Mallya's rather quick getaway from his arrest by Scotland Yard must have certainly disheartened quite a few. And while it may seem hopeless, there are still some steps left to get him back. 

In fact, this was not the first time that a plea to extradite Mallya was made to Britain. The Indian government had requested the Brtitain government in 2016 but due to lack of a charge sheet, the request was not considered.

The Indian government's extradition plea has to go through seven stages. India is included in Type B of Category 2 list of countries in Britain's Extradition Act of 2003. The treaty between the two countries was signed in 1992, reports Hindustan Times. 

The steps of extradition include: 

Extradition request made to the home secretary; the right to certify the request lies with the secretary; the judge decides whether to issue a warrant for arrest; The person sought is arrested and brought to the court; Primary hearing; Extraditon hearing and the secretary decides whether to order the extradition, reports Hindustan Times

While the four of the options have been explored, the rest of the process will take many months, say experts. If the judge is satisfied during the hearing, the case will be sent to the home secretary to decide on extradition. However, Mallya will have options to appeal at various stages.