Maoist posters were found again in Birbhum. The incident caused a stir in Parui. The poster, written in red ink on white paper, mentions the names of several Trinamool leaders. Earlier, in the poster, it was written, “Give back the people's money, or give life.”

Maoist posters caused a stir in the dormitory village in Batikar area of Ilambazar block. Four days ago, the Maoist posters were recovered in the area. On September 27, panic spread again around the Maoist posters in the area. Ilambazar Trinamool Bloc president Jafarul Hossain said, "We have informed the police about the matter. Police are investigating the matter. We have full confidence in them.”

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BJP district president Shyamapada Mandal said, “This poster has been put up due to the conflict between the Trinamool groups. Posters contain the names of corrupt Trinamool leaders. We want the police to conduct an impartial investigation.”

Trinamool district president Anubrata Mandal said, “There is no such thing as Maoists, it is the work of the opponents.”

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Police have launched an investigation into the recovery of Maoist posters in the Parui area. Police went to the spot and tore down the Maoist posters. Panic has gripped the area after Maoist posters were recovered from various places in the state before the 2021 Assembly Elections