Kolkata: Devastating fire outbreak spreads panic on the national highway. A lorry loaded with gas cylinders lost control and hit the Ranihati bus stop, setting it on fire. The fire was brought under control with the help of 6 engines of the fire brigade. Traffic on the national highway was disrupted for some time due to the devastating fire.

The tragic accident took place at Ranihati on National Highway No. 6 in Howrah. According to reports, a lorry loaded with gas cylinders lost control and crashed into the Ranihati bus stop yesterday (September 16) night. The lorry caught fire soon after the accident.

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The explosion caused panic as the lorry was filled with gas cylinders. The fire spread to a nearby decorators' shop and a few houses. The flames of the fire engulfed the whole area in a few moments. Upon receiving the news, the fire brigade reached the spot.

The fire panic took such a terrible turn that patients from a nearby nursing home were evacuated. When the fire broke out in a nearby house, the members of the house left the house and took to the streets. Thousands of people panicked over the incident.

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The fire brigade reached the spot and tried to control the fire. But the fire was so severe that the firefighters could not extinguish it properly. Eventually, the fire was brought under control after about a few hours of effort by six fire engines.

It has been reported that the lorry carrying gas cylinders was heading towards Howrah. However, no casualties were reported. Due to the incident, the traffic on the national highway was disrupted for some time.