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Watch: Madhya Pradesh teacher find cobra in girl student’s bag

A terrifying video of a Madhya Pradesh teacher taking out a deadly cobra from a school girl’s bag is going viral on social media. The video has left the users amazed.

Watch Madhya Pradesh teacher find cobra in girl student's bag-tgy
First Published Sep 27, 2022, 6:07 PM IST

Not on snakes are poisonous but cobra, sure is one of them. It is one of the deadliest snakes that can leave you dead if it bites you. Snakes, even the non-poisonous ones have often been considered as one of the creepiest and most terrifying reptiles in the world. And when a person sights a snake, It sure grips him or her with fear.

Late summers and rainy seasons are the most common time as one witnesses snakes to be more active. Snakes are capable of hiding themselves in the trickiest spots, and they can easily camouflage themselves from people. Such as in this video of a deadly cobra hiding in a school girl’s bag in Madhya Pradesh is going viral, and netizens are left shocked.

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In the now-viral video, a teacher can be seen taking out a school bag from a classroom after a class 10 girl named Uma Rajak complained to the teacher about something unusual movement she felt in her bag. The teacher cautiously pulls out the bag from the classroom and brings it to the school's backyard. The teacher then unzips the bag and tries to remove the books from it, but people around him stop him and ask him to drop them to the ground to avoid mishaps.

As the teacher shakes the bag holding it upside down, a deadly cobra falls out along with a few books to the ground. The cobra seemed to be huge and ferocious. In another moment, the deadly cobra slithers its way out by moving under a stone. Take a look at the nerve-chilling video:

The scary video was shared by a Twitter user named Karan Vashistha, who explained the entire incident in the caption. He also added by saying that the deadly incident took place at Badoni School in Madhya Pradesh’s Shajapurh area. The video has gathered more than 1.5K views, and the numbers are steadily increasing. Netizens were terrified after watching the video and loaded the comment section with their opinions.

A user said after watching the video, she is afraid of even looking at her bag, while another said the video was terrifying to watch. Another user advised everyone to be cautious while using bags and shoes during rainy and late summers. A fourth user praised the teacher for taking such brave action and saving the school students. Many expressed their fear of seeing the deadly cobra in the video.

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