Local leaders and workers of the Trinamool party staged a massive protest on October 2 demanding the removal of Soumik Hossain, the one-time general secretary of the state youth Trinamool Congress, in charge of the Murshidabad district.

Hundreds of Trinamool workers stood on the streets in Islampur area of the district carrying party flags and chanting 'Soumik Hatao'. The picture of the protest went viral on social media. Multiple allegations against Soumik Hossain came from within the Trinamool party. One of the allegations is that Soumik had conspired to remove Aminul Hasan Bapi, who has been in charge of the post of Trinamool Congress president for 9 years, in exchange for money. However, Soumik has denied all the allegations against him in this regard.

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Reacting to the allegation, Soumik said, “All these allegations are completely false and baseless. In fact, those who are making these allegations are in fact supporters of the Congress and other opposition political parties. They have made this plan to give the opposition an advantage in the forthcoming assembly polls. Action will be taken against them quickly at the party level.”

However, the protesters are still reluctant to leave the protest. Narayan Chandra Das, one of the leaders of the protesters, said, “The control of Soumik Hossain will not be tolerated in this area. Even if the district and state leadership does not take action in this regard, we will be forced to take a tough decision by uniting thousands of grassroots activists from 6 regions.”

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Opposition parties are predicting that this issue will lead to a huge conflict among Trinamool party members before the 2021 Assembly Election.