Suvendu Adhikari has held three meetings so far after joining the BJP. Adhikari held a staff meeting in Jhargram on Monday (December 28). On the way to Jhargram, Trinamool activists showed Suvendu Adhikari a black flag near the old bus stand. Go-back slogans were also given targeting Adhikari.

Suvendu Adhikari conducted a march in Jhargram. He walked about 100 meters to the BJP office. BJP leaders and workers walked along with him. Adhikari said, “I will be working ten times more than what I used to work in TMC. All of you cooperate.”

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“In the last few elections, the TMC could not win in Purulia and Jhargram. The party has forcibly captured the place. The BJP will definitely win the next election,” he added.

Suvendu Adhikari sneered at the cancellation of the Trinamool leader's visit to Nandigram and his leadership in Jangalmahal. He said, “I will not comment on their program. I will not talk about anti-social elements. Many people of Jangalmahal have died at the hands of Chatradhar Mahato. However, I will be celebrating Netai and Chhota Angaria Day.”

District functionaries, all zonal presidents of Jhargram district, members of the district BJP core committee were called to the BJP office in Jhargram. Apart from district president Sukhmoy Satpati, MP Kunar Hembaram was also present. In the meeting, Suvendu Adhikari shared his bitter experiences while staying in the TMC.