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'Taliban-like' brutality sparks outrage: Youth tied upside down from tree, thrashed in UP's Mirzapur (WATCH)

The article exposes a horrifying incident in Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh, where a youth was subjected to brutal vigilante justice, sparking widespread outrage and raising concerns about law enforcement and community intervention.

Taliban like brutality sparks outrage: Youth tied upside down from tree, thrashed in UP's Mirzapur (WATCH) snt
First Published Dec 7, 2023, 11:48 AM IST

A shocking incident unfolded in the Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh when a youth was subjected to brutal thrashing, tied upside down from a tree, and tortured on suspicion of theft. The horrifying act was captured on camera, and the distressing video has since gone viral on social media, sparking outrage and raising concerns about the prevalence of vigilante justice in the region.

The incident took place in a village falling under the Drummondganj Police Station area, where the victim, Jaishankar Baheliya, was allegedly caught on suspicion of robbery. The main accused, identified as Rajesh Dhaikar, led the assault on the victim, allegedly showcasing a disturbing trend reminiscent of punishment meted out by extremist groups like the Taliban.

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The video footage reveals a gruesome scene, with Jaishankar Baheliya tied upside down to a tree while the assailants, including Rajesh Dhaikar, brutally beat him. The attackers went to the extent of applying chilli powder to the victim's body, inflicting severe injuries that resulted in a broken bone in his hand. Shockingly, the assault unfolded in broad daylight, with onlookers present at the scene.

During the merciless attack, Jaishankar is seen pleading with joined hands for mercy, expressing his pain and suffering. However, the assailants remained unmoved, continuing their brutal assault on the defenseless victim. The horrifying ordeal took place in front of villagers who, instead of intervening, chose to record the incident on their phones.

Despite capturing the brutality on camera, none of the onlookers came forward to stop the accused from inflicting further harm on Jaishankar. The apathy displayed by the villagers has raised questions about the state of law enforcement and the prevalence of mob justice in certain areas.

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Following the video's circulation on social media, a case has been registered against four accused individuals, including Rajesh Dhaikar, in connection with the incident. The police have initiated an investigation, acknowledging the severity of the matter and the need for a thorough examination of the events leading to the assault.

The incident in Mirzapur highlights the alarming reality of vigilante justice and extrajudicial punishments occurring within communities. It calls for urgent attention from law enforcement agencies and authorities to ensure that such acts are met with swift and decisive legal actions.

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