Bengaluru: Prashanth Sambargi who appeared in front of the CCB on Saturday September 12, has been asked to re-appear the coming Friday, September 18.

The CCB has asked him to appear before them once again next Friday, with more documents related to the ongoing drug scandal.

The CCB had sent him a notice to appear in front of them, after hearing the businessman Prashanth Sambargi's claims over TV about Sanjjanaa Galrani and Zameer Ahmed’s link with the drug scandal.

Post his appearance before the CCB the businessman addressed the media on Saturday afternoon.

Prashanth Sambargi said “I appeared in front of the CCB after they sent me a notice and have given all the necessary documents supporting my claims in regard to the drug scandal. The CCB officials have asked me to appear once again with more documents next Friday”.

Sambargi added “I have produced digital evidence and the CCB is seeking more documents as evidence from me”

The businessman also said, “I gave the travel agency’s records, related to Zameer Ahmed’s visit to Colombo. However, today, he himself has accepted his visit to Colombo”.

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Prashanth Samabrgi added that “The CCB is in search of another accused named Sheikh Faizal who is yet to be arrested. The officials also want me to appear before them after his arrest.

When media professionals asked about the allegations Prashanth made against Sandalwood actress Sanjjanaa Galrani, and whether he had valid documents to prove that he said “I have all the TikTok videos of Sanjjanaa in Dubai, I have also recorded videos she shared on her WhatsApp status”

The businessman clarified that he is not making these claims due to any political pressure or personal needs.

Prashanth said “I’m not doing this on any kind of political pressure, I’m doing this for the betterment of our youth and our state. Don’t give any political links to this”.