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Ram Mandir Pran Pratishtha: Nandagopal Safari recounts role in safeguarding Ram Lalla during 1992 struggle

Nandagopal Safari, a key figure in Karnataka's Ramjanmabhoomi movement, recounts his role in securing idols during the Ayodhya mosque demolition in 1992. Leading a 15-member team, Safari describes the challenges faced, successful preservation of sacred artifacts, and the joy of contributing to the Ram Mandir construction. He shares a humorous incident amidst chaos and emphasizes his pride in serving the cause.


Ram Janmabhoomi: Nandagopal Safari recounts role in safeguarding Ram Lalla murthy in 1992 struggle vkp
First Published Jan 21, 2024, 2:29 PM IST

Nandagopal Safari, a participant from Karnataka’s Hubli, vividly shared his first-hand account of lifting the idol of Ram Lalla from the Malay (temple courtyard) after the mosque was demolished in Ayodhya during the Ramjanmabhoomi struggle in 1992, Safari, now reflecting on his service, revealed the daring moments when he, along with a team of 15, played a crucial role in securing the sacred idols and a massive 120 kg bell.

Nandagopal Safari, a key figure in the Karaseva during the Ramjanmabhoomi movement, disclosed the details of his expedition in an exclusive conversation with 'Kannadaprabha.' As one of the leaders of a 15-member team from Hubli, Safari recounted their journey to Ayodhya eight days before the fateful day of the mosque's demolition.

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Describing the scene on December 6, 1992, Safari reminisced about the atmosphere charged with devotion as Karasevaks chanted Hanuman Chalisa. He highlighted the speeches by prominent leaders like L.K. Advani and Yeddyurappa, who rallied the fighters in their noble cause.

Attempting to demolish the mosque's dome, Safari shared the challenges they faced before ultimately succeeding. Once inside, the team discovered idols of Rama, Lakshmana, and Hanuman on a table. Acting swiftly, they secured the sacred artefacts in a safe location, ensuring the preservation of religious sanctity.
Proudly, Safari declared, "It is a matter of pride for me that I was the one who held the idol of Rama and kept it safe." The next morning, the same idols were reinstalled by senior leaders, completing the cycle of reverence and devotion.

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Returning to Hubli, the Karasevaks faced adversity even on their journey back. Safari narrated the ordeal of being stoned by foreigners on the train, emphasizing the challenges faced during those eight memorable days in Ayodhya. As the dream of building the Ram Mandir became a reality, Safari expressed his joy at having contributed to the construction. He revealed, "I am happy that I have also served the squirrel through handicrafts in the construction of Ram Mandir."

Reflecting on a moment of confusion during the chaotic events, Safari shared an amusing incident when senior leader Uma Bharati mistakenly thought he was dead. Amidst the chaos, his return to the tent brought relief to fellow Karasevaks who had believed him to be a casualty.

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