Back in 2013, the Washington Post had published a map based on a study by two Swedish economists, which revealed that India is the most racist country in the world. The racist attitude in India is way above any other country across the globe. Several incidents over the last few years have come to light and that is not a good sign at all.


Now on Monday, a peaceful march, which was being held for an 18-year-old boy who died in Greater Noida, turned into a violent racial attack. The mob inside a mall got angry and they thrashed students from African nations living in the surrounding area.


The 18-year-old boy died due to cardiac arrest. Apparently, that happened because of a high drug overdose. The locals held a march demanding the government to take necessary actions and punish the peddlers who have been poisoning these kids with harmful drugs.


The NSG Society residents of Greater Noida raided the house of five Nigerian students and accused them of providing the boy with drugs. The police have apparently arrested those alleged Nigerian students on Monday. However, they were taken into custody for safety. No case has been registered against them due to lack of evidence.


However, in the past, we have had a number of racial attacks in India. These incidents have proved time and again why India ranks at the top among the most racist country in the world.


Here are some of the incidents:


## Northeastern students attacked by a landlord in Bengaluru – This happened recently, where a number of Northeastern students were attacked and were asked to vacate the houses without any prior notice.


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##Last year, a Congolese national in Delhi was beaten to death by three men. This happened after an altercation broke out over hiring a rickshaw in the Vasant Kunj area.


## Tanzanian Woman stripped and molested in Bengaluru in January 2016. A Sudanese international ran over a woman. This Tanzanian woman was passing by in a car and had to bear the brunt.


## Nigerian student assaulted with an iron rod by a local resident over parking in Banjara Hills in Hyderabad in may 2016.


## Three Cote D’Ivoire students were beaten up in Kothanur, Bengaluru in March 2015.


Here’s the video of the Greater Noida incident: