The Narendra Modi government has written a stern letter to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey conveying its strong disapproval over misrepresentation of map of India. 

Earlier, Twitter had shown geo-location of Leh as part of People's Republic of China. 

Electronics and IT Ministry Secretary Ajay Sawhney, in his letter, has reminded Twitter that Leh is headquarter of Union Territory of Ladakh and both Ladakh as well as Jammu and Kashmir are integral and inalienable parts of India governed by the Constitution of India. 

The Centre has also asked to Twitter to respect the sensitivities of Indian citizens. 

The IT Secretary says that any attempt by Twitter to disrespect sovereignty and integrity of India, which is also reflected by the maps, is totally unacceptable and unlawful. 

Giving stern warning to Twitter, Secretary IT has mentioned that such attempts not only brings disrepute to Twitter but also raises questions about its neutrality and fairness as an intermediary.

The warning to Twitter comes days after the social media platform landed itself in controversy after users shared screenshots of its blunder, which was first pointed out by National Security Analyst Nitin A Gokhale.

A Twitter spokesperson called it a technical issue, one which they said has been swiftly resolved.

Nitin was doing a live broadcast on Twitter from the war memorial in Ladakh when he spotted that the social media network had tagged it as part of the People’s Republic of China.

He took to Twitter to post: "Tweeple please put Hall of Fame Leh as your location for live broadcast and see what's happening. It shows the location as Jammu and Kashmir, Peoples Republic of China. I tested it again. Outrageous."\

The analyst also shared screengrabs of the video, stating: "Nitin A Gokhale was live. Jammu and Kashmir, People's Republic of China."\

Twitter's blunder trigger a wave of angry outbursts on social media, with most requesting the government to take strict action against the social media platform and some seeking total ban on it in India.