"I have found a security issue in Narendra Modi's app. I would like to report the issue, " Javed tweeted on Thursday night.





He mentioned that his intention behind the hacking was not harmful but to discover a potentially enormous security loophole in the app used by almost seven million users.


Javed, who said that he was an app developer, reached out to a website, youngstory.com, claiming he had hacked into the PM's app and could access the private data of users, including email ids and even mobile numbers of union ministers.



"Not only that, I can make any user on the platform follow any other user on the platform. This is just the summary of this huge security loophole which I want to report. The privacy of more than seven million users is at stake if this gets ignored," the young hacker told the website.


However, the story was taken down from the website after two hours. The site later clarified that they took down the story because they could not reach the relevant person to cover the app maker's story.


Javed again took to Twitter to inform that the app was fixed and he was in constant touch with Narendra Modi's app's IT Team.